The very beginning…

I’ve decided to write this blog as a place to share my love of travel, my passion for entertaining my family and friends, my enthusiasm for business and being an female entrepreneur in the world of finance.  I look forward to sharing with you and welcome your comments and interaction.

If you have not read the Welcome & About Anapage, let me tell you a little about myself. As of 2018, I have been married to my high school sweetheart for 23 years. We started dating when I was 16 and he was 17. Growing up a Portuguese girl in a very European household, I was not really allowed to date and so I actually have my father to thank for introducing me to my husband. I met Rui the long weekend in July 1991 when my parents invited his parents over for a lunch. Back then my father and my future father-in-law worked together. I remember my parents talking over dinner the week prior and hearing that our guests had a teenage son and a little a little girl. To be honest I didn’t really think about how old he would be, until I opened the door and and 16 year old me was speechless at the site of 17 year old Rui in his white t-shirt, faded blue jeans and cowboy boots. You could have knocked me over!

Summer of 1991 was a fun summer 😉

Fast forward to May 1995; I was 19 and Rui had just turned 20. We were married on a sunny May morning. Yes, we were young but we had planned and we were ready for our adventure. We had purchased a new townhouse in Mississauga and we were moving in June 1995. This meant as newly weds we spent the first month of our married life in my teenage bedroom in my parents house….can you say awkward! My parents were amazing, but it was still awkward.

Buying your first home at 18 and 19 was an experience. I still recall the sales person at the new home builder site, thought we were kidding and didn’t believe we could buy the house. In 1995, we purchased our first house, a 3 bedroom townhouse in Mississauga for $135,000. I remember how nervous I was that we wouldn’t have the entire downpayment.

I remember in 1995, $135,000 was like a million dollars to me. I worked full-time and made $12 per hour. Rui worked with my dad full-time. Our interest rate was 6.25% which meant nothing to me. All I knew was that my bi-weekly payments were $235 and my maintenance fee was about $35 a month. That was an extraordinary amount of money for us back then.

Fast forward a 1996 our little family grew and I gave birth to a little boy named Matthew. Soon in 1998 Daniella came along. So now Rui and I are 22 and 23 with two kids. We decided that we were ready for a bigger house and so we sold that townhouse and made over $60,000 which was like winning the lottery. We purchase a new build detached home a few blocks away. Once again we found ourselves at the sales office with two kids and the sales person looked at us as if to say “you two can’t be seriously looking for a detached 3 bedroom house, you’re just kids with kids”. Well we showed her, we applied, we were approved and purchased our second home.

We spent a few year in this home and then in 2002, we decide that we wanted more space, actually it was more land that we were looking for. Rui was a self-employed contractor/landscaper who was constantly outside and wanting to do more to our home, however we were limited. So one day, we got in the car, got on the highway and drove until we thought it was too far. At the time I worked in Etobicoke so we wanted to stay near the QEW for access. We got as far as the IKEA in Burlington, I turned to Rui and told him, this was too far. So we got off the highway, turned into the nearest neighbourhood and went looking at the area. We didn’t know it but we had just found Aldershot. A hidden little ‘village’ in South Burlington. We drove down a street, and saw a for sale sign but no house so we kept driving. I told Rui to turn around, there must be a house there if there’s a for sale sign. Sure enough, there was a little cottage behind the massive willows and bushes. We loved it. That night we put in an offer and we purchased our little cottage in Aldershot.  We lived in that little house for many years until 2006 when we had a massive house fire. After much heartache and headache we decided that we loved the area. Aldershot was our home and so we were going to rebuild.  We built a wonderful family home that we lived in until August 2016.

The real estate market was crazy in 2016 (and that was just the beginning). We sold our home, made out like bandits and decided that we were going to rent until we found the perfect place to build a new home. At that time in our lives, Matt was off to Ireland for second year University, Danie was taking a year off before going to University and so we were deciding what our next step was.

2017 became a year of travel. We started off the year in Dominican, Vegas in February, Portugal in March/April, Hawaii in September, Portugal in November. It was a travel year!

Personally, I could live the rest of my life travelling from place to place, meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and food.  It’s that love of travel that I have passed on to my son, Matt who has travelled more of the world in his 21 years that I have in my 42.

May 2017 was also the year we purchased our property in Dundas, Ontario.  At this time it’s June 2018 and we are waiting for permits to build our new home.

That’s us! Follow my family and I as we ” journey home” and travel through life.

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