We have plans! – Journey Home Series

“It may be a long road to building a custom home, but it will all be worth it”, I tell myself this as I wait. I’ve been here before I know it’s worth it. The waiting is the hardest part. Last week we met with our architect Darren Sanger-Smith from Structured Creations and we have plans.

If you are following the time line, you’re probably thinking that the timing is insane….let me back up a little.

We purchased in May 2017 and at that time, our thoughts were to build a multi family home. A place where our family of four could live and add two apartments for our parents upstairs. The plans we got were exceptional, I don’t know how Darren was able to squeeze so much into the space and make it look amazing! Our challenge, as we would soon find out was permits. The house was too big for the area we had to work within. You see, we purchased a beautiful property that is backing onto escarpment land on two sides of the property – beautiful and sometimes a little tougher when we look at the building side of things.  Our property has a “top of bank” as we are on sloping land and we can’t get to close to the top of bank, here in lyes the challenge. After months, we decided to sell the property (a little frustrated). We went ‘fishing’ and listed the property for a high amount. We got a few offers, but none come together. I mentioned in my first post, that financing a home that is listed ‘as is’ is a challenging. So long story short, we finally decided that this was going to be our home and so now fast forward to today.

We now have a wonderful plan. I get my wall of windows at the back of the house, butler’s pantry and main floor office…I’m a happy women.

Darren has resubmitted our plans to NEC (Niagara Escarpments Commission), we wait for them to circulate our plans to conservation and fingers crossed in about 60 days, if there are no issues we can begin with the working drawing and start demolition.

I will leave you with this unit my next post, when I discuss option to finance your purchase.

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