Welcome Luna to the family!

I’m one of those people who love technology and embrace new changes. If there is a new gadget, tool or toy, both my son Matt (son) and I will know about it. We will read all the blogs, watch the youtube channels, and often time, we will purchase them.

I must add, one item I never thought I would own was an electric car even though they intrigued me. I was completely under the assumption that owning an electric vehicle (EV)  would be inconvenient and take too much planning.  My life is busy and who has time for that?  Most of all I thought it was going to be hard to convince Rui that an EV was cool, fast, and efficient.

Well turns out that after about three years of Matt talking my ear off about how cool Elon Muskis and how amazing Teslais, I’ve finally joined the club. Last Friday we picked up Luna, our new Tesla Model X. I have to say, she is beautiful!!

Let me tell you about our first weekend with Luna. We picked her up on a very busy long weekend.

We packed a lot into our three day weekend; we’ve picked up family in Hamilton and drove to Ancaster for dinner, back to Hamilton and home,  golfed to Campbellville, drove to the mall for lunch and supercharged, drove home, drove to Lincoln for a wedding, stopped at the mall for drinks with friends and supercharged (even though we really didn’t need a fill more like a top-up), took a drive to Grimsby to check out the Gingerbread Village, drove towards Jordan for fresh fruit and cheese at the Upper Canada Cheese Company in Jordan, had lunch at the Redstone Wineryand charged while we ate. It REALLY is that easy charging your EV during a very busy weekend.

So excited for the adventures we are going to have with Luna!




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