Why should I use a mortgage broker?

Using a broker has changes so much over the years.

Your parents and grandparents may remember using a mortgage broker as something you would do when you couldn’t get mortgage financing anywhere else, and this used to be the case.

Your friends think, “why would you go to a mortgage broker, I just use the bank I’ve used since I was 5 years old”

Reality is that a mortgage broker can find you the best rate, give you options, education and most importantly they will take the time to find out what is most important to you so that you have a mortgage that works for you.

A mortgage broker will take the time to understand what’s important to you. There are all types of people and so why shouldn’t there be all types of mortgages?

Do you want to pay off your mortgage in record time?

Do you want to pay off the mortgage quickly but still have plenty left to travel every six months?

Do you want to make min payments over the next 5 years, since your planning a family and just want to get into your family home?

Are you even ready to purchase a home today? A mortgage broker will sit with you, review your numbers and help you navigate all your questions while helping you plan for your home buying journey.


A client recently as me this, “If a mortgage broker and a bank have similar products, why should I work with a broker over a bank?”  My immediate answer was, “Would your bank be having this conversation with you the weekend of an evening at 8pm?” however there is more to it than that.

A mortgage broker can:

shop at your bank for you and often times get you a better rate than the bank offered you

help you plan for your purchase, refinance, switch, remember mortgages are all we do

provide you with over 50 lenders in most cases, with just one credit check (this is huge)

offer you flexible hours that work for you and your family

and lastly in 5, 10, 15 years we will still be doing what we love, but your banker will have moved at least 5 branches/positions in that time.

We build relationships that last and we are always here for our clients.

So now ask yourself, “why didn’t I call a mortgage broker?” Not sure? Give us a call 905.870.0513 | ana@citymortgagegroup.com

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