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Today, we are living in a world where most things can be found or completed online and so I feel that often times we lose the face to face connection that we used to have.Having said that I would like to share with you a little about myself.

Why start off with this? Simple! If you are like me, you associate yourself with those individuals you know, like and trust. And how are you going to know if you know, like and trust me, until you actually know more about me?

The Mortgage Broker & Entrepreneur  

My passion and focus; taking care of people and making sure they have what they need, whether that’s financially or in life. If I can help, I will.

About me, I was born into a family of entrepreneurs and I guess it rubbed off. For as long as I can recall, I’ve always wanted to have my own business and in 2012 I did just that and started my career as a Mortgage Broker. My family work mostly in the construction industry and having grown up in this environment has enabled me to easily guide my clients through the steps involved in CONSTRUCTION mortgage lending. Unintentionally, this has quickly become one of my specialities. Helping my clients realize their ability to fund the build of their dream home or construction project. For me this is very rewarding.  

With so many rule changes over the last few years, many clients are finding it difficult to fit into the “box” of financial products that the banks have to offer. This is where you need a broker who has the experience but also lives this life. FIRST-TIME HOME BUYER, been there. BRUISED CREDIT, been there. INVESTMENT PROPERTIES, been there. SELF-EMPLOYED, I’m there. You need someone who not only talks the talk, but has walks the walk. I believe that everyone should invest in real estate, whether it’s your first home or your 10th home. My team and I are experts at guiding you through the financing of your INVESTMENT PROPERTIES and we look forward to helping you build your portfolio.  

My team and I are committed to helping our clients throughout the financing process and beyond. We are confident that they appreciate the attention to detail, guidance and time spent during every step of their mortgage experience.

We do mortgage everyday, you don’t and we remember that. We take the time to help you understand what’s happening every step of the way.

It’s not all about the accolades and awards, but it sure is nice to share them. During my career, I have been honoured to share the following accomplishments:

2020 Mortgage Architect's Gold Presidents Club Award, Top 5%

2019 Mortgage Architect's Gold Presidents Club Award, Top 5%

2019 Finalist, CMA Awards, Outstanding Customer Service by an Individual Office

2019 Finalist, CMA Awards, New Brokerage of the Year

2019 CMP Hot List

2018 CMP Women of Influence, CMP Magazine

2018 Finalist, CMA Awards Mortgage Brokerage of the Year (25 employees or fewer)

2018 Finalist, CMA Awards Outstanding Customer Service (Individual Office)

2017 Finalist, CMA Awards Best Customer Service (Individual Office)

2017 Mortgage Intelligence Award for Top 1%, Regionally (teams of 5 or more)

2016 Finalist, CMA Awards Best Use Of Mobile Technology

2016 Mortgage Intelligence Award for Top 1%, Regionally (teams of 5 or more)

2015 Gold Readers' Choice Awards, Burlington

2015 Finalist, CMA Awards Best Customer Service From An Individual Office

2015 CMP Women of Influence, CMP Magazine

2015 Mortgage Intelligence Award for Top 1%, Regionally (teams of 5 or more)

2015 Nominee for Ontario Business Achievement Awards

2014 Gold Readers' Choice Awards, Burlington

2014 Winner, CMA Award for Best newcomer Mortgage Brokerage Firm

2014 Platinum Readers' Choice Awards, Burlington

2014 Nominee for Ontario Business Achievement Awards

2014 Mortgage Intelligence Award for Top 1%, Regionally (teams of 5 or more)

2013 Platinum Readers' Choice Awards, Burlington

Featured on AM 640 Real Estate Talk Show

The Explorer/Traveller

Discovering the world is now top of my “Life List”. Anyone who knows me, will know that I “have a list for that”, and traveling is no exception. Once a location is decided upon, a list, a map and a journal is started. My friends know that when they travel with me, they only need to say “yes” and pack their bags, I will take care of all the planning - I love it!

My collection of travel videos are growing!On my upcoming list is travelling to:

Peru and seeing Machu Picchu before it’s closed to the public.

Maldives, enjoying a sunny day on the dock off a little hut over the water

Switzerland, sleeping in a glass igloo and looking up at the stars at night.

Thailand, sharing an adventure with my son, who has been there and can’t wait to share it with me.

Iceland, take a full day and relax in the Blue Lagoon spa. Enjoy the day and just be (that for me is an adventure and a challenge, I don’t sit still well)

Portugal, Douro Valley, this is my ultimate favourite place right now. There is a little town on the Douro river that I always return to and can’t wait to go back. You have to experience early morning on the Douro when you wake up and your above the clouds - amazing!

Let’s be honest, everywhere! I want to see the world!

The Woman & Mom

Being a European girl back in the 90’s you had two choices; 1. live at home until you’re 30 (no joke, I’m sure any European girls who grew up in the 90’s can agree) or 2. get married.  So at 19, years old, I got married and was married for close to 25 years. By the time I was 40, my kids were 18 and 20… which I have to say is perfect! Couldn’t have planned better if I tried. Today I have a savvy and adventurous son who loves travel as much as I do and a sweet and generous daughter who is the kindest person I know. These two make me proud everyday. Today, I am proud to have built a solid business with strong ethics. I’m passionate about business and love what I do every day (ok, almost everyday, we all have off days). I’ve always said that if I wasn’t in the mortgage industry, I would be in the travel industry.

I think I can do more good in the mortgage industry….who knew a girl who hated math, ended up working with numbers ;) Now that you know a little about me, I look forward to getting to know about you.

When you are ready to connect, you can find me on most social platforms under @askanacruz. You can email me at or call me at 905.870.0513

Looking forward to meeting you.