Date: November 15, 2023

What to Expect in 2024

15% of All Mortgages are up for maturity in 2024

that’s almost $200 Billion

Over 20% of All Mortgages are up for maturity in 2025

that’s over $300 Billion

25% of All Mortgage are up for maturity in 2026

and that equals  almost $400 Billion

What does this mean for you? 

As rates drop the banks will be calling you to lock in your mortgage earlier.

As rates drop locking in at a higher rate is not necessarily in your best interest.

Did you know, we can secure a rate up to 120 days before your renewal date?

Furthermore, if rates decrease before your renewal,

we have the flexibility to lock in a lower rate.

Let’s plan the next stage of your mortgage cycle together

to ensure we find the best solution for you and your family!

Mortgages can be complicated; we are here to help you make “cents” of it.

We focus on Mortgage Solutions, Period!

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